why am I the CocoBunny

Weeeelll, the name came about as a handle for a club Im active in and if you are familiar with the MC/AC/SC world EVERYBODY has an alias from the overtly sexual to the innocent but all are clever and little glimpses into the users personality. So when I was faced with the daunting┬átask (O_o) of creating my handle I did the most logical thing I looked at myself and applied my reasonable(debatable) deduction skills, and viola` the cocobunny was born….Now I know you think that it cant be that easy but oh dear children it was because you see I am chocolate-y brown and soft like the most fluffiest bunny imaginable(tell a friend). But all of that was to say this sometimes we all need to look inside us and see if the names we carry suit us, and if they do wear them with all the enthuiasm of a drunk frat boy on spring break in Tiajuana, but if not then let them suckas go, because life is already dealing us gut-punches just on GP so why should we let the names others give us and sometimes the ones we pick forourselves hold us down? I say fuck it Im the COCOBUNNY, with a mouth so filthy sailors are like “ok now Im offended”, the mother of 3 kids who might one day start a violent coup and the hardest working woman in showbiz…like or leave it but either way do that shit quietly